Representative Payee Service

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If you receive SSDI, SSI, Veterans or Black Lung Benefits, you may be eligible for this helpful program. For those who have difficulty managing their money, a representative payee is appointed by the social security office. To be eligible, there must be good evidence that a person needs this type of assistance which may include a statement from a physician or psychiatrist stating there is a diagnosed mental illness, there are problems with a person’s ability to manage money and that they need help in this area. Having a Representative (Rep) Payee is not the same as having a legal guardian nor does it give the Rep Payee a power of attorney, it only provides help managing finances until a person is back on track.

When is a Rep Payee Helpful?

  1. If you have trouble managing your money
  2. If your bills and debts are overdue
  3. If managing money is upsetting and causing stress in your life

What are the Three (3) major responsibilities of the Rep Payee?

  1. To ensure that the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing are met
  2. To ensure that a person’s financial benefits are spent properly
  3. To keep records of a person’s money and how, where, and why it is spent so it can be shared with the Social Security Office

I Think I Need This Type of Help, What Should I Do?

  1. Call Us at (724) 438-6738, we can talk about it
  2. Talk to your doctor, therapist, or case manager about your situation and ask them to fill out a referral form for you and fax it to (724) 438-8484 or send it to MHAFC at 680 Cherry Tree Lane, Uniontown, PA, 15401.

This program is FREE and it is run by the Mental Health Association in Fayette County for county residents.   Help is just a phone call away….