Oak House Drop In Center

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Oak House is located at the Mental Health Association in Fayette County. It is a place where people with mental health issues can socialize and participate in recreational activities like playing pool, games and cards, bingo, arts and crafts projects, watch movies or television and help plan activities for the group. In addition to the many daily activities, members help organize and plan trips in our community to attend special events throughout the year (ballgames, Fayette County Fair, local festivals, shopping trips, and other low cost or free events). You can meet new friends, learn new things, and feel good about yourself.

Oak House is open from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM on Monday through Saturday.

In order to foster independence to individuals attending the Drop In Center, MHA staff will assist the individuals and/or the providers with registration for FACT Bus Transportation to and from the center.

Individuals attending Oak House Drop In Center:

  • Have a past or present primary diagnosis of mental illness
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to care for your own needs
  • Abide by the rules of the Oak House and transportation guidelines
  • Complete a short questionnaire
  • Request and arrange for transportation ahead of time

We invite you to come and meet some new old friends:

We are Outstanding Individuals

We are Adults

We are Kind

We are Honest

We are Outgoing

We are Understanding of each other’s needs

We are Social

We are Excited to be part of a special group of people.