Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q)

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The Independent Monitoring 4 Quality Program is administered by the Mental Health Association In Fayette County on behalf of the Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration.

The mission is to gauge satisfaction and collect information with the goal of improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities. It is part of the Intellectual disability systems quality management process and is guided by the values and principles of a concept known as “Everyday Lives”. The concept simply stated, is to provide people with intellectual disabilities the following:

The IM4Q survey is designed to identify ways to help make someone’s “Everyday Life” more rewarding and enjoyable by exposing gaps in services and areas that need to be improved upon. The survey is completed with the person receiving services (and sometimes their family) to collect valuable information about positive parts of existing systems and exactly where more attention should be focused for improvement. The results of the survey are shared with Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration, the Office of Developmental Programs and sometimes the individual’s support team. The IM4Q survey process is completed by MHA monitoring teams.