Helping Hands Program

Call (724) 438-6738, Option 4 for more information


The Helping Hands Program is in place to assist people with mental health diagnoses throughout their recovery process by storing household items and personal possessions in order for individuals to move back to an independent living situation when ready. We can help with packing of possessions, storage in our facility free of charge, and locating some items in need to help foster independent living.

Helping Hands takes donations for the following items: bed frames, small appliances, dishware and silverware, cookware and some furniture. Donations must be clean and in working order. These items are given free of charge to individuals in need to help them in living independently. All donations are tax deductible. Just ask for a Proof of Donation Form.

This program requires referral to the MHA Fayette office, referral forms may be initiated by any individual involved in a consumer’s treatment or care. Criteria for receiving a Helping Hand include:

  • Be 18 years of age and receiving MH services in Fayette County
  • Live in Fayette County
  • Be willing to sign all releases and authorization forms
  • Be moving in to a higher level of care due to illness, extended hospitalization, facing eviction, or moving to a more financially beneficial residence.