Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team (C/FST)
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C/FST is a way for Fayette County HealthChoices consumers to express an opinion regarding the behavioral health services they or a family member are receiving.   Completing a survey allows members to express opinions, their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with any component of a Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol, or Child & Adolescent service and develop comfort and confidence in their voice. In turn, provider agencies may use that feedback to improve the quality of treatment options, expand services, and identify new services and programs that may be needed as the results are forwarded to the appropriate offices within the county for evaluation. We can also provide you with the correct information needed for the Complaint and Grievance process. While your input is important, your personal information is always protected and respected. Every survey is CONFIDENTIAL*.

We believe everyone has the right to:

  • Ask questions
  • Be treated with respect and dignity
  • Understand the options available for treatment, housing, education and transportation
  • Receive the highest quality treatment

The Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team starts with YOU, family members, and persons in recovery who complete a survey that is used across the state of Pennsylvania in all counties. Results are reported* to Carelon Health Of Pennsylvania, the Managed Care Organization for Fayette County. Consumers and/or their family members can look for us out at the Provider Agencies throughout the county to do a survey with us.


*Please know that any information we forward from your completed survey is ANONYMOUS. The results are placed in a computer database with no names, no times, no social security numbers or dates of birth. The database just simply calculates the actual numbers of responses which is the information the provider gets every three months. There is no way to tell who completed which survey. We never want you to feel uncomfortable providing truthful answers and expressing your concerns regarding your treatment.