Commnunity Based Care Management (CBCM)

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What is Community Based Care Management

The Community Based Care Management (CBCM) team is comprised of profesionals and community members with a variety of expertise and experience in the human services field.

The Mental Health Association In Fayette County is a component that works with other members of the team to make referrals, coordinate services and achieve smooth transitions in the community. The team members enage an support each Fayete County Member.

The team will conduct regular follow-ups on each referral received to ensure continued care and help to maneuver obstacles to supports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you currently have a or a past history of Menal Illness or a Substance Abuse Disorder?
  • Do you need help maintaining or accessing housing, employment, food, child care, or utility assistance?
  • Do you need help acessing physical health services?
  • Do you need transportation assistance?
  • Are you under financial strain that affects access to Mental Health and/or Substance Use Services?

Goals of CBCM

  • Holistic approach to overall mental and physical wellness
  • Reduce unnecessary hospital emergency room visits, in-patient admissions and use of residential treatment facilities.
  • Encourage collaboration between community based organizations.
  • Ensure access and delivery of services in the community setting.
  • Improve the overall health and well-being of the residents of Fayette County.

CBCM will assist, refer and mitgate fundamental Social Deterimants of Health

We are the connection to community services for Fayette County members.