Fayette Youth M.O.V.E.

About Youth M.O.V.E.



Fayette Youth M.O.V.E Mission Statement:

“We as members of Fayette County Youth Advisory Council will reach out to other youth in our community and inspire them to share their stories, helping empower them to strive for independence, and advocate for youth voice within the systems of care that support them.”


Fayette Youth M.O.V.E Vision Statement:

“Fayette Youth M.O.V.E is an inspirational positive group of youths who are working together to promote system change through community awareness and to show other youth they are not alone.”


To read more about Youth M.O.V.E National, go to http://www.youthmovenational.org/

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Fayette Youth M.O.V.E., a chapter of Youth M.O.V.E National, is a youth-guided advisory group developed to:


  • Enhance youth voice in the County
  • Improve positive youth/professional collaboration
  • Provide youth input in efforts to improve services
  • Promote the development of youth peer mentoring
  • Improve access to youth-driven services


Youth M.O.V.E. members are transition-age youth committed to promoting positive experiences while also fostering fun and creativity. Recently, Youth M.O.V.E. Fayette County produced a video series which can be viewed on our YouTube Channel. The videos were created to deliver a message of HOPE to other young adults. The Youth focused on sharing their stories and their voice to let others know “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”. The group focus is to support other youth through outreach and advocacy, community education, and participation in community events.